Delaware, DE

Delaware is the 2nd smallest state in the United States behind Rhode Island.  The territory that became Delaware changed hands several times between Dutch and Swedish settlers before it was conquered by the English in 1664.  One of the original Thirteen Colonies, Delaware was the first colony to ratify the Constitution of the United States earning it the nickname ‘The First State’.

Government and the service industries are among the largest employers in Delaware with the banking industry and chemical production also representing significant portions of the state economy.  Manufacturing has declined in recent years, however Delaware remains a popular business hub for large corporations.  The state has long had an agricultural presence, primarily poultry, which remains minor but active.

Delaware has many historic sites including forts, settlements, and lighthouses.  Its Atlantic beaches are also popular destinations for tourists.  Delaware is densely populated and its largest concentration can be found in the northern third of the state.

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